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Property manager for invetments

Three investment properties, three very different locations. Only two with a property manager because we lived in one. The one we lived in, we shared with flatmates. Those flatmates rented the whole apartment from us when we left.

Now, they are moving out. One moved out in July and the other will leave in February because her visa can’t be extended. She tried for PR but missed the deadline under the old rules and doesn’t qualify under the new rules.

With that we have started the process of checking if the hotel that manages apartments in our building would be able to add ours to their stock. It is actually very handy having the hotel onsite. We have property managers as well, for the standard residential lease if the hotel cannot take it.

The hotel even mentioned the capital works that need to be done, like air conditioning being installed, might be absorbed into our agreement. That was very interesting.

Now, to get a rent appraisal and a hotel appraisal and see where we stand. It could be better to airbnb it but would I want to run it on airbnb myself, not really, not being so far away. We could use a company but I don’t know they would be any better or cheaper. There is potential to make more money on airbnb but also the apartment could go empty for weeks on end.

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