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Purple sweet potato waffle cone

Soft serve isn’t something that I particularly like but McDonald’s in Singapore has limited-time flavours. I like the Bandung flavour and peach ice tea. Currently, the offering is Purple sweet potato waffle cone.

Usually, they don’t come with a waffle cone, just the standard cone. I would generally go for a twice just in case the flavour is too strong, or not nice, at least I can “water it down” with vanilla.

Purple sweet potato waffle cone doesn’t come with a twist offering. I have had a couple, they are super tasty. Triston will get himself a treat as well and that means there are not enough hands for the photo of my waffle cone.

If you have the chance, grab one. The prices do vary, I think I have seen some stores with the price up around $3.20. Our local store is just $2.00 and this is the 24 hour store just a little further away, also just $2.000.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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