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Put our offer in

Today we put an offer for the amount of rent we were happy to pay and the property manager laughed at it.


Well then.


It was via whatsapp so it was the laughing distressed emoji.

I even put the offer $200 pcm higher than Triston thought we should start at.

Good thing I didn’t go with Triston’s starting point, I would have gotten the angry emoji back lol lol.

Am I disappointed? I think so. Do I want to increase the offer. I don’t know.

Yes, in Singapore you tend to negotiate the price.

Yes, in Sydney I also negotiated the price and got $60 a week off the rent when it was listed for $430 originally. Offered less but to move in ASAP. People think offering more will get them the rental. I haven’t found that to be the case.

A friend when moving states was offering more, and being rejected. I told her my experience, she changed her tactic. They got a rental. Usually it is about how soon you can move in and not the price. Though you have to be close to the price.

Ok. So. When Triston has a minute, after work likely, we will have to discuss.

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