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Qantas premium economy

My flight from Singapore to Melbourne was booked with points. I used points because I needed a one way ticket, we don’t know how long I need to be in Australia to sort our apartment out. Rather than pay change fees I booked one way.

The available points flight coupled the fact that coronavirus has shut down both Singapore and Australian borders we decided premium worth the extra points. Usually, I would just fly in economy but premium would be less exposure to people so theoretically less risk. Triston has Business on points because that is all that was available.

I was on an A380 but it had the two cabin per level configuration. First and economy downstairs, business and premium in business. That also means my premium economy cabin was almost double the seats of other Qantas A380 premium cabins at 60. Slight shame as I am trying to reduce risk but also handy, less total people upstairs. I think anyway. I didn’t actually count the capacity out.

Premium was about two thirds full.

Now, usually I think the premium cabin is not worth the additional money. I am not sure if my attitude changed because it was my section this trip or because this was the new configuration. Either way I was pretty happy with my seat.

Possibly happier still that my water bottle would fit in the side storage so that I didn’t need to get up to get it from my bag. Actually, I was just pretty happy that I did get the side storage. I wasn’t sure if I would. The fact my bottle fit was the icing on the cake.

Pro tip – pack an empty water bottle and fill it after you have cleared security. You are allowed to take more than 100ml on board, you just can’t take more than 100ml per bottle through security. An empty bottle is fine. If you forget and have a full drink, you can empty the bottle and then fill it after, you don’t have to throw the bottle out. In Singapore, security checks are completed at the gate but in the gate lounge, there is filtered water available.

Everyone who wanted it was given a drink before take off. On offer was sparkling water, juice, still water and bubbly. I opted for still water even though I had my drink bottle.

The flight from Singapore to Melbourne is kind of a little short. I watched one moving between the gate and end of meal service. Then I tried for a nap. I had an ok nap but I wouldn’t call it a sleep. Far more comfortable than economy.

I woke up to the point of not wanting to try any more napping just before breakfast. I tried to watch another movie but the plane landed and we were at the gate before I even got halfway through. The trip is only 3 movies long. That is kind of short. We are used to 13+ hour flights.

I arrived refreshed enough. I had been up since 3 am Singapore time before I got the flight. The flight was slightly delayed so we departed at about 8pm with a half-hour taxi queue at the airport before takeoff setting us back a little further. When I arrived I had to get a bus, met mum at the bus station 2 hours after I landed. Four hours after I landed we were driving back past the airport. Then we had to keep driving for a couple of hours up to Shepparton, spent a couple of hours in Shepparton and then drove to my sisters.

Usually, I get super tired and cranky, I didn’t. I had a decent amount of energy. I was tired but I coped decently well. We got back at about 6pm and dinner and bed by 8pm. Then up again at 3am for my onward flight to Sydney. Given the huge day, I think premium economy did actually aid my productiveness. So, it does get my seal of approval but only the A380 new premium style (which staff said is the same as the dreamliner so I guess they will be ok as well) because I haven’t tried the old A380 premium and they aren’t created equal.

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