Lola in Singapore
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Quarantining our unit and trying to get it clean

Sigh, Lola has something. Possibly ringworm. Possibly from her stay at the vet hospital. Possibly we are super annoyed by the thought. It could be from somewhere else and it might not be ringworm. There is a stray cat at the back of the building so maybe we should stop walking out the back, just in case that is the cause of the contamination.

We don’t want to catch ringworm from her. We don’t want her to be sick. This never ending cycle of something coming up is a bit depressing at the moment because it all seems to stem from her “fake” limp and the hospital visit. There isn’t yet a diagnosed reason for the limp and she doesn’t have it any more.

She is old. We don’t want this to be the start of the decline and she never recovers from it.

Her appetite is great at the moment, though she isn’t really putting on weight. No more weight loss. She eats 3 or more wet food packs a day, some dry food and we found a new treat. It must be like ice cream or chocolate to her. She eats those in a way that implies we have never fed her before. She will eat a decent quantity.

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