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Queen + Adam Lambert

Last night was finally the night we have been waiting for since February.

Queen + Adam Lambert. Sitting in the seats we forgot were the ones we ended up with. We battled for hours for those last seats, it was those or nothing/resale and now we are confronted with the reality of obstructed view seats.

We had tried for 3 sets of 2 seats and both of us on different computers on different internet kept failing at the payment stage. Others were having the same seats in their carts. We had finally decided on the New York show after looking at schedules of other bands and now that we were ready to buy there was nothing left. But then I saw two seats, grabbed them, couldn’t pay, alternative seats were found, grabbed those, again couldn’t pay. Repeat for hours and now add in a second person and you can imagine the frustration but also our dedication because we did end up with tickets, original sale tickets.

We finally get to see the fruits of our labour. They were obstructed. But we were a lot closer than the seat map implied and we got to see all the goings on that is hidden from most. We did miss some parts of the show, the screens were front facing, when Adam Lambert was on the top level of the stage he was mostly blocked from view to us.

We were rewarded however as he spent a lot of time looking towards our section and on our side of the stage. Plus all those cool shenanigans we could see that no one else could.

I have read others reviews of the show. Some loved it others not so much. We booked tickets because I wanted to see Adam Lambert, he just happened to be touring with Queen and I like Queen. So we booked.

Then TW saw Bohemian Rhapsody and he got really excited. He wasn’t to fussed until then. He was here for Queen.

The show was great, our seats were great, the crowd was great. I don’t have anything bad to say. We walked to the stadium through a storm and got partially drenched and then we walked home after. And I still have nothing negative to say. Sat in an air conditoned stadium half soaked, we still had a great time. Sure, we didn’t know all the songs and there was a mistake here or there but we are lucky to attend a sold out stadium performance with two original members of Queen, one who has been with them for 20 years and a flamboyant singer with a range to match that of Freddie.

We aren’t old enough to have ever had the opportunity to see the original band but Adam has performed with Queen for longer then our age when Freddie died. So you have to respect that. It might not be the original but it was the best Queen performance I have been to and one to be remembered.

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