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Ramadan Sultan Bazaar 2019

Ramadan Sultan Bazaar 2019 has been in the process of setting up for the last few days, with the opening slated for the 4th of May.

We went on the 1st of May and on the 5th of May, but during the day each time. Some stalls didn’t look quite ready so TW suggested maybe it was a night market and the stalls would be ready each evening.

Most stalls are food but there were some handmade items for sale also. Food during Ramadan not being eaten during the day, arriving in the day to look at the markets might not have been our best idea.

Initially, we didn’t see the welcome banner so we didn’t realise it was for Ramadan.

Some great food is on offer though and I would recommend all who have the chance to get into Kampong Glam and check it out.

We are away to Jakarta tomorrow for the rest of the week but once we have managed to get to the markets and eat, I will post photos, for sure.

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