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Re-learning wordpress

So, I was super busy with life and I have a few posts to push through to publish. Sadly for me I have forgotten how to use the blog category menus. I have them set up on the page but I have widgets on my front page and those also use categories.

A post that I wanted to file under a certain menu option was showing on my home page and I don’t want it there. I know that I learned how to change this but I couldn’t remember how to do it.

Ok. I worked it out. So for my front page widgets, I need categories. That is how I arrange the posts. By their categories. These categories need to be specific for just the front page.

I have a post called Travels with Nan, a menu with the same name and a category as well. I posted about having a quick catch up in Sydney with Nan. Yes, I forgot photos of us, but I put it under the category “travels with Nan”. This meant it showed up under the widget.

Two reasons why:
1. I hadn’t set the widget to show only one post, and if I had it would show only the newest, not what I wanted.
2. I had used the same category.

My initial (wrong) solution:
Create a new category called Nan and change the post for cake to be in that.
This meant that the menu name was going to change, the posts wouldn’t be called or tagged travels with Nan and my original post wouldn’t show up.

New solution (better but I am not 100% sure if it is the correct/best option):
Use the newly created Nan category as the field name in the widget. Leave the original post categorised as ‘travels with nan’ but add the additional tag as ‘Nan’. Remove the ‘Nan’ category from the cake post and never tag another post with Nan.

This means that Nan is now effectively the parent category name. The ‘Nan’ category can be the category for any post that I want to feature on the front page. It might not be the one I have now and I may want more than one in future but if I want it on the front page and it relates to my grandmother it will need to be saved as a ‘Nan’ category.

Moving forward, the menu will remain ‘travels with Nan’ and my posts about nan will be added to that category so they all end up under the correct menu.

Not super difficult. Not super easy. It is a problem of logic and sometimes my brain struggles with what makes most sense. This works and seems to make sense for now so I am running with it.

I do enjoy that my menus operate off the categories so I don’t have to manually change menus after a post is published. I think that is the best thing about the new format.

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