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Relaunch – some things I’ve learnt

Hi everyone! My site is back up and running.

To say I am a beginner when it comes to wordpress, website building, or most things technology related for that matter, would be an overstatement. I thought I would share a few things I have learnt, if you want to start or redo a blog page.

Take the link from the new blog post after it has been saved but before it has been published. For example, I just hit “save draft” on this page.

The view post link isn’t the actual link that the page will show. It is a place holder for the moment. If you copy that link address:

It is actually a blog post number. Almost a short link.
The copied address is actually: https://mttw.blog/?p=7937
If you link to posts with this short link address rather than the one that it is assigned once posted, even if you change the name, address or format of the addresses – as I have done – the link will still direct you to the right page. This is such handy information. The link works, you don’t have to worry about sending someone to a page that no longer exists.

I had some links on my page set up like that and others were linked after being posted. So at the moment there might be broken links on my page. I am trying to go through and find them all to fix them.

The other thing is, although maybe you don’t need to use both at once, one of these will work. I installed a plugin called Elementor which gives me widgets. I may have had access to some of these widgets anyway but I am not sure. If I did, I didn’t notice until after I installed the new theme and then the new plug in.

I learnt how to use the widgets from the theme first before I got the Elementor plug in but the tip is, the blog post widgets really help organise posts and pages. You don’t need to worry about links breaking because the posts show up based on a tag or category. As long as you tagged or categorised your post correctly it will display.

This has meant a lot of the work I did previously in organising posts is redundant and in my last blog update I should have gone with something similar to now. Live and learn I suppose. In some cases I have left my original organised pages with the navigation to posts as it were. In others I have deleted what I so painstakingly manually created because this new method is far easier. Easier to apply, easier to maintain.

While all of my pages might not be fully linked up yet and all of my links may not quite work, I am happy with the overall layout. Moving forward, categorising, navigating, sorting, storing my posts should be far easier for me on the backend. Given that this page is more of a journal than anything else, I need to be able to easily find things and I think the new theme and widgets have really helped that.

In case you missed the post, the new theme is Zuki. The top menu slider didn’t work properly for me, there is a huge amount of white space under it. So, I have left the slider off the page for now. Someone raise an issue on the help forum, if there is ever a reply there or if Triston can update the code I might have a slider at the top but for now I am very happy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. As I upgrade this year, I will be checking out many of your posts for the “how to” secrets. I have to manage my time since I have a full-time job as well. But just thought I’d say thanks. We can all use help now and again. Be blessed and keep sharing!

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