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Removable wallpape​​r to help modernise our rental?

Bethany Linz removable wallpaper

TW’s sister in law, Bethany Linz, just released a new collection of fabric and wallpapers. Some inspired by her son and niece and others follow on in her usual style. This time I noticed that removable wallpape​​r is an option and it got me thinking.

Bethany Linz young at heart animal kingdom
Bethany Linz – young at heart collection – animal kingdom print. Removable wall paper.

TW and I both really wanted a modern apartment, do you think a removable wallpape​​r would help our apartment?

New couch Singapore
Our lounge room is kind of ok from this angle because that is the new “modern” couch and floor rug.

Most of the furniture is the owners and built in so there isn’t much we can do about the dated/traditional pieces that are here. Our new couch is a bit more modern along with the rug.

Made the bed
Our bedroom is a bit more difficult because all of that wood is built in.

Has anyone had any success in changing the feel of their rental apartment through interior design?

This one reminds me a little of Raffles so it might be able to marry the traditional with a bit more modern feel.

Bethany Linz removable wallpaper
Looking classy, Travellers Palm

And then there is the Great Shalimar which really reminds me of the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Florence Broadhurst prints that don their walls. Side note – Beverly Hills Hotel is awesome, TW thinks the food isn’t great and so there isn’t a good reason for all those hollywood stars to have their meetings there but we saw some.

The great shalimar
The Great Shalimar

Anywho, back on track. The Great Shalimar isn’t with the same company who do the removable wallpape​​r but it might be the most appropriate. For a true Raffles/high-end feel, a way to mix something more modern into this “traditional” apartment.

We are open to ideas or what did you do? We don’t want to invest too much money because this is just temporary but we do want our expat expereince to be as great as it can be.

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