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Ribs and Oysters Buffet – Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore pool

Last night we went to the Andaz for dinner and their Ribs and Oyster buffet. It was nice to have dinner with “old friends”. We were in the dining hall so often for breakfast, everyone knows us so we were welcomed.

Actually, on Friday night we went up but we weren’t hungry enough for a buffet. We loitered in the lobby area then got a small (large for Singapore) shared pizza and a shared plate of pancakes from a Beyond Pancakes.

beyond pancakes
Beyond Pancakes

Tonight we were hungry. It isn’t just ribs and oysters. There were prawns, mussels, smoked salmon and the oysters. The large Andaz make your own salad bar. They call it the superfood salad bar. For ribs, you can choose from pork or prime rib. Pork is our favourite. The prime rib is thinly sliced across the bone like you would see in a hot pot. The cut wasn’t what we were expecting though it makes sense and it was advertised as what it was, we just didn’t understand until we saw it.

Spicy sausage, chorizo style chicken sausage and there were also pork and veal sausages on the pass. Marinated chicken rounded off the hot meat section. We tried everything except the pork and veal sausage. I am sure it was great it just wasn’t appetising to us. The colour, the flavour sounded fine.

We also had hot sides, potatoes, buttered corn. There was some made Asian Slaw with was really yummy. A bread section and cheese section rounded off the salad and seafood area, along with the ice cream bar. It is just soft serve but you have plenty of options for toppings. I took the caramel sauce and some curled chocolate, cookie bits, and M&Ms and TW had the chocolate sauce with some lollies.

The dinner had been cheaper last year, so we were a little sad we didn’t go then. It was something on the list of things we wanted to get to, it was a decent meal. The price is now $55 plus tax and service charge. We accidentally paid for water instead of getting tap water. There were more options than I thought. Not as big as their special event buffets like we had to Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve but also not as pricey. We like the ribs so no doubt we will be back. I told my mum about the ice cream bar and caramel sauce (a good one not a Cottee’s topping) so she wants to go when she visits.

Belle-Ville Pancakes
Belle-Ville Pancakes

Beyond Pancakes – the Pizza was ok, not great. The pancakes were good, not great. I would go back to Belle-ville Pancakes but I don’t think I would ever go back to Beyond Pancakes. It is good to know, so we don’t accidentally take visitors to somewhere that isn’t great.

If you like ribs and oysters, ribs or oysters and are in Singapore on a Friday or Saturday night the buffet at the Andaz will have you covered. When you feel like pancakes Belle-ville would be my suggestion, out of the places we have tried so far.

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