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Sakura 2020 Gardens by the bay

It is once again Cherry Blossom season at Gardens by the bay.

We have only been in the evening so far. It was a very lovely display. Triston thinks it is better than last years where I think it is equally as good.

Hopefully we will get to see it a few more times before the display finishes. We don’t leave the house too much at the moment because of the whole Covid19 thing and my needed to be tested for cancer etc etc.

Crowds haven’t been too bad in Singapore with everyone taking steps to avoid each other. I guess the restrictions on entry have also helped ease crowding, there just aren’t as many people in the country as there was previously.

At any rate, it was worth the walk to have a look through the flower dome and see the new display. Likely I will go back in the day during the week and in the evening again as well. Probably also a weekday night. Just to avoid larger crowds that tend to visit on weekends.

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