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Scootplus – formerly Scootbiz

Years ago, when Scoot first launched we booked flights to Singapore, twice. The prices were so good, I just couldn’t not do it.

Our first trip was just to Singapore, the one where Triston rubbed his hands together when we were leaving and said ‘well, we never have to come here again’ but we had a trip booked for 3 weeks or a month later.

The second was luckily merged into a work trip and we ended up in Malaysia. We did call into Singapore on the way home, have dinner at Straits Kitchen (as we had stayed at the Grand Hyatt and enjoyed the buffet for dinner) and then went to the night zoo. Our flights didn’t connect very well so we have all evening to hang out at the airport, or Singapore and we chose Singapore.

Well, this flight I booked Scoot. I booked economy with a bag and added luggage up to 40kgs. Unfortunately, I arrived at the airport with 96kgs of luggage. 10kg was carry one and allowed in addition to the 40kgs but I was still severely over my limit.

I got to the airport early, weighed my bags at the Qantas counters as they were the only free scales and then started unpacking. By the time the Scoot counters were open I was still 40kgs over but I had already disposed of so much stuff.

Triston wanted me to bring oh so many things and I had no scales so couldn’t check. I thought maybe 60kgs and I would probably just pay the excess but 46kg over. OMG I don’t have the money for that. I am not going to buy this stuff twice, not at $30 per kilo.

So, I asked at the service desk if I could buy an extra seat and add on luggage. She said no. Extra seats for one person don’t get extra luggage. Sigh. My one plan has failed. If I could get the luggage down then she would help me out a little. I asked about upgrading. We were negotiating but I still needed to jettison a lot of weight.

I got to the airport hours early for my flight. Check in wasn’t even open when I started my process of discarding items. I got through it. Most things didn’t make it. I had no one with me so everything was headed for the bin.

Discarding items at the airport isn’t actually easy as you can’t just abandon things.

So after 3 hours of packing, repacking, weighing, discarding, reweighing, I was down to an acceptable weight. I spent an extra half hour repacking so I could leave the broken suitcase behind and that took me down under my actual paid allowance.

Once my boarding pass was issued, I had to wait for the cleaner to come and take away the extra stuff. He would then take it down, speak to the AFP and explain that it was not left luggage abandoned in the airport but stuff handed over due to weight restrictions. I really didn’t want the AFP hunting me down.

I was so tired that I didn’t look back through to see if there was anything I wanted to take. It was done. No more excess luggage charges. Hot, sweaty, sad, annoyed, alone, I decided to pay for the upgrade.

I had bought a small bit of internet with my ticket and now my new seat came with internet. Nice and handy to stay connected. Just to check in on things at work but not to do anything. I could get a message out but it wasn’t enough to be productive.

The flight didn’t seem to be all that long. I spent most of it watching videos of concerts on my phone.

I was too busy packing at the airport to take photos of the bags, the excess, the everything but once on the plane I was able to relax.

The upgrade cost me around $200 at the airport. I think it was $179 to upgrade and then $30 or $40 for the airport assistance fee to make the change. I was ok with that because I had intended to buy ScootBiz/Plus but it was over $1200 for my flight when I booked my ticket.

Onboard, I asked how much it costs to upgrade after you are seated. I wanted to know for my parents because sometimes if you book the absolute cheapest airfare you cannot upgrade at the counter. I asked if you had been denied the upgrade at the counter can you do it onboard. The flight attended indicated that you could and that it was cheaper to upgrade onboard. Something like $198 for the flight from Sydney to Singapore.

It you get a $150 or $200 flight, paying an extra $200 isn’t really bad. You can buy ScootPlus outright for $470 sometimes, but not always. For my circumstances it saved me a lot of money.

The flight was fairly empty in my cabin and I believe that over $100 booked for the flight didn’t show up. They didn’t check in, they didn’t cancel, they just no-showed the flight which means a forfeit for their fare. The lady was talking about waiting on something like 153 pax to check in with less than half an hour before check in closed. No one was in line. So, I am pretty sure they didn’t take the flight.

Coronavirus. That is the reason.

ScootPlus, maybe not worth $1200 each way but it is worth $600, I paid around $500 even with the airport fee. If you can get a cheap flight and upgrade onboard or get one of the under $500 sale fares in ScootPlus. Take it.

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