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Sealife Aquarium Sentosa

The night reef and jelly fish were my favourite. Jelly fish are only my favourite in an aquraium, running across them in open water is not something I enjoy. I don’t know if I can avoid them, they can’t avoid me and if I can’t avoid them will it hurt when we collide. No, I much preferred this glass between us.

Just about everything else in an aquarium is just not quite the same as swimming with them. It is great to see the education and conservation efforts but it would be better if we humans cared and respected our planet.

Nothing sparks a song like a baby shark. Mmmhmm there were little sharks. I sang when I saw them. Not too loudly though, it was a weekend and there were tonnes of families. I didn’t want to start a never ending cycle of baby shark but I did keep myself amused. Entertaining me since summer camp 2003. Yay for baby sharks.

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