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Second Friday of phase two

On the first day of phase two, we walked to Ben and Jerry’s for Ice Cream. Maybe not a wise move on a Friday evening, on the first available day after the Circuit breaker period but we did.

Tonight we have to walk just slightly further.

Lola needs a new Flixotide spray and we have asked all of the chemists near us. I don’t know why they can’t have them sent over but we have to go to the only store with the medication in stock to pick it up.

It is prescription only so we have to go into a store, we can’t get it delivered/order online.

Slightly frustrating. Super expensive. If we pick it up we get it right away. I have been asking local chemists for the past few days. The script was missing a few key details, even though they could identify the drug not everything they needed was on the script so I had to get it updated.

Today I have a proper script so I can pick it up. Triston was checking one last chemist near us but I am sure they won’t have it in stock. It was the first place I checked the first time we went to buy it and they were super rude and unhelpful.

Yay for Friday night walks to Orchard road.

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