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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 1

Yes, I am starting the count over. I see them as slightly separate.

Shiitake, choy sum, rye and poached eggs for breakfast. We have random foods in the fridge and that was the best meal available. Pretty tasty. For an 8am breakfast it has carried me through until 2pm pretty easily. Maybe we could be vegetarian.

I don’t have enough red blood cells and I have nice and low blood pressure plus a slow heart rate. So. I was told to eat more green leafy veg. We are going to try that. Hmm, I should have taken a photo because it did look ok for a healthy breakfast. I didn’t.

Better news, my cousin got his second negative result in a row. I had a very excited message from his wife this morning about 2 negatives in a row. That means, finally, he can go home. He has been in a hotel the last little while but was in a hospital in Japan for 4 weeks. I think somewhere about 6 weeks in total to get that result. He had 3 negative tests but he tested positive after his first negative.

Finally. I was concerned because it was taking so long to recover. He never really got sick, he wasn’t on a ventilator or in ICU or anything. He was almost asymptomatic but he did get almost a fever, but never actually a fever. A sinus headache, tiredness and some aches or sore chest like as if he was about to get sick was about as bad as it got for him. Yet, his body had to fight for 6 weeks to shed this virus.

I am not sure if that will have long term ramifications on his body or health in general. I hope now. You have to hope not, right. Time will tell and we don’t know enough. His Dad was also still testing positive. Last time I had an update. Which was a couple of days ago. So, maybe there is something from his Dad’s gene pool? My Aunt had it, his mum, but she tested negative twice far before my cousin or her husband, so if it is genetic it would be from my uncles side, one would assume.

Well. There we go. All my stressors are now kind of finalised. Just small things, nothing to distract me any more. Which means I ought to get onto the whole green leafy veg and getting my red blood cells sorted out. We will soon be at the time where I should have the follow up. I’d like my blood to be in a bit of a better state by the time I have the follow up tests.

We even work up to a nice bright morning. It has been raining the last few days so sunshine was a welcome change.

Yay, the extension is starting off well, don’t you think?

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