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Shake Shack Jewel Changi

My flight to Australia is fast approaching. I will be super busy when I arrive. We weren’t sure how early I should leave for the airport and after I checked in a delay was posted for the flight. Later, the answer was we should have left later than we did.

With time to fill but not wanting to sit alone in the airport, albeit in the Qantas lounge, we had dinner. My choice, Shake Shack.

I had the smoke shack and Triston had the standard shack. We both had a vanilla milk shake but I added malt onto mine.

Malty goodness

As far as burgers go, they delivered everything you expect from shake shack (or Betty’s Burgers if you have not had shake shack before but happen to live near Betty’s like we used to in Darling Harbour).

The burgers were fine. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat them. The milkshakes were great. My shake was better than the burger, I thought.

My shake was super thick and very malty. Triston’s plain vanilla was thinner and of course non-malted so not malty. After he tasted mine I think he was a little salty that his shake was not thick or malty.

We were sat next to two girls who were filming their taste test. Kindly one of them turned to us and coughed in our faces – thought plants but directly to our face. Not covering her cough at all. YAY. Just when I had the lid off my milkshake to stir it.

Now, I am writing this on the day it happened, while we are in the thick of the coronavirus outbreak. I want to say hysteria but I don’t really know what to call it.

I am flying out of Singapore which has closed borders to some, into Australia which has similarly closed borders to some. It is actually a super concerning time to travel, even though the virus itself it probably not going to be too harmful to me and isn’t super bad for most others. The fact that I am in an airport, eating a reasonably expensive meal (while having free food in the lounge) having someone cough in your face isn’t fun.

I am sure I can google the culprits shortly but as long as their cough doesn’t kill me it will be ok. Just cover your mouth when you cough and don’t ruin an amazing meal or specifically their vanilla malt milkshake.

And boarding soon. See you soon Australia.

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