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Should we move?

Ok, so we are still thinking about that apartment.

We have to run some numbers to see how much we can offer.

It is a lot more money but we have almost ridiculously cheap rent for Singapore. We would have 1200+ sqft for a price that is still less than most people pay for their 500 sqft apartments.

Their apartments are modern, sure, but if staying in hotels has taught us anything, it’s is more important for us to have space in a room than in the communal areas. We don’t “hang out”.

* stairs for cat
* second room for an office
* an actual kitchen and dining room
* when I wake up I can move away from the bedroom so Triston can keep sleeping – because I tend to wake up at 3 or 4 am. I am managing to push it back to 5am now but it was 3am for a while.
* a bathtub
* another bathtub
* larger kitchen
* microwave
* space for visitors, though no one can visit with the borders closed
* light, bright and airy
* can get a cross breeze with windows on both sides
* location
* price per sqft is cheap for Singapore
* size
* lots of storage
* space above the wardrobes that Lola might like to explore.

* cost
* bathroom windows are always open
* not a condo
* construction out the back
* very comfortable in our apartment, generally but with work from home it is slightly difficult during business hours.

We have decided to put an offer in and then see how it would work.

Our lease is until Jan 2021 but because this is an upgrade we have been told it isn’t an issue.

We need to find out how it would work if we can agree on price but we decided to see if we can agree to a price first and then we will see how all the bond and things work.

We do both like it. A lot.

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