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Singapore and Covid19

Friday I had my specialist appointment. I hadn’t really thought much of it but when we arrived I wasn’t surprised.

There were desks and tape set up at the entry. Doors were blocked so that you followed the new flow.

It wasn’t just a temperature check. A full form needed to be completed. Singing in, listing all modes of contact and travel history.

Forms completed. Temperature taken. You then get a sticker and can enter the building. Part hospital, part medical clinic, part everything.

The scene is repeated at workplaces. Some even having isolation chairs so that you get to sit aside if your temperature is deemed unacceptable.

Shopping centers at what would be considered hot spots for crowds have screening set up. Bulk screening. At the MRT entrances. Smaller checks at other entranced or blocked doors to funnel you in through a check point.

The system is similar to the airport set up. When it is a bulk of people all at once, as the MRT delivers, it is the thermal cameras.

Workplaces will do individual checks and give a sticker. A lot of workplaces do a morning and a lunch time temperature check.

Singapore has had a couple of new clusters come to light but given it was one of the first countries outside of China with cases the methods have worked well.

A lot of protections are in place. People need to be paid while serving their stay at home period along with other incentives by the government. For those who wouldn’t be paid if they had to stay at home the government is trying to actively come up with a plan to encourage those sick people to come forward also.

Encouraging with incentives but also discourage rule breaking with fines, jail, and/or deportation.

I would rather focus on all of the protections they have tried to put in place. Those are what work. Keeping sick people away from other people helps stop the spread, of any tranmissible illness not just covid19.

If you kid is sick, stay home. If you are sick, stay home. Triston said parents can’t really stop a kid (after we had some kid constantly cough on us, open mouth, basically hocking up a phlegm ball and spitting it in our faces and the parents basically laughing) because kids will be kids. I looked at him dumbfounded. Yes. There is. Omg. There is. Stay at home. The parents chose to take their sick kid out. That was a choice. Keep your sick kid at home and it won’t be coughing in my face.

I’m not worried about covid19. I’m worried about stupidity and just complete selfishness and disrespect. We were at universal studios. They were locals. They didn’t have to go that day.

Singapore has you covered and is safe to travel to with the exception of arrogant selfish parents you will be fine. But those are everywhere. That it why illness spreads through day care centers and schools. One families desire to make money is more important to them than your child’s health. They are more than happy to kill your kid so they don’t miss a day at work.

The main issue is some countries have self quarantine in place if you have been to Singapore. So check if it applies to you but I wouldn’t cancel a trip to Singapore amide Covid19 fears. If anything it is a better time to visit as it is less crowded.

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