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Singapore botanic garden – orchid garden

We are going to Bali in a week to pick up my grandma after my cousins wedding and bring her back to Singapore.

She didn’t really mind what we did in Singapore but she had one request. The botanic gardens and the orchid garden there. She went years ago.

Simple request, we haven’t been and thought with Nan’s trip fast approaching and only 4 days instead of 12 days we needed to find the easiest way to get there.

Off we go on an orchid adventure. We got the MRT to Botanic Gardens, blue line, just a couple of stops down from our Blue Line stop at Bugis. Then we had to walk all the way through the botanic gardens. It is kind of huge.

While we enjoyed the walk, we decided we couldn’t take Nan on the MRT. We have to semi isolate her so probably get a grab or taxi. They are cheap enough.

Eventually we got to the orchid garden. Usually you pay to enter but today it happened to be free. Turns out it is school holidays in Singapore and they are running it for free during the holidays.

Triston said that is handy to keep Nan’s costs down, only she arrives in Singapore on the 24th not the 22nd. We go to Bali on the 22nd but spend 2 nights there and the promotion ends 22nd.

Anyway, the orchid garden is super impressive. Much, much, larger than I expected. Outside, so we still prefer the offerings at Gardens By the Bay in the air conditioning but huge nonetheless.

There is certainly orchids here that wouldn’t have been here when Nan first came. A new hybrid for the Obamas.

It was nice to walk around. They have a lot of works going on so I think half of the paths were closed but it was huge. Super huge. So much lager than I could have imagined.

With Nan, I reckon it will take 2 to 3 hours to get around the tracks. Even with the works going and not all exhibits open. Nan will need extra time to make sure she doesn’t fall but also to enjoy the plants.

Luckily, the orchid garden opens decently early so we can come, get in, wander around and be done by 10 or 11am and get out of there before the day gets too hot. That is the plan at the moment anyway. I don’t see Nan surviving if we were to start at lunch time.

Looking forward to showing Nan around but I feel really terrible we had to shorten the trip. I think this and Gardens by the Bay will be about all we get to do. Maybe some things near the hotel but not a whole lot else.

Nan is ok with that but I had plans to slowly show her a tonne of different things. She is concerned about my needing the cancer check and it being delayed until after her visit in Singapore so she is ok with the shorter trip.

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