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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 17

Today, I found out my Grandfather died.

My Dad’s Dad.

My Mum’s Dad died, 25/26 years ago. I remember thinking when he died, because he had grand kids, that he had lived a long and full life.

I guess society had taught me by that young age the only reason to live was not for your kids but your grandkids.

I had all my great grand parents on mums side until I was 13 but my grandfather had died first. Most people I know didn’t have grandparents. Not them all. I had both on both sides. Let alone having all of their great grand parents on one side.

Yeah, My mum was older than me and still had all of her grand parents. My Dad had just one or two.

I always felt really lucky to have so many living grand parents. I know my great grandparents on Mum’s side decently well as well. On Dad’s side I think they lived far away. I me his grandma once that I remember. Maybe twice in reality.

His grandma died around the same time as my other great grandparents, when I was in year 12. She was over 100 though, the others were in their 80’s.

Dad’s Dad made it to a decent age. Life hadn’t been great for him for a decent few years.

He saw our wedding video. Everyone who sees that enjoys the fact that our wedding was bright, loud and different. I spent time with him in Sydney when he burnt his hands trying to kill himself by electrocution. He lost some fingers. He had huge burns.

My Aunt is happy that he is now out of misery.

In a time when I can’t travel back to Australia. I can’t go it. If I could, I would have to spend 2 weeks in a hotel in Sydney but then Singapore wouldn’t let me back in. You need special permission to get into Singapore and I don’t qualify for it. If I did, I would have to do 2 weeks in a hotel on return, but I don’t qualify for it so if I could leave, I can’t return but I can’t really leave. Given these are the times I live in, it is nice my Aunt is thinking like that, because I can’t be there for my Dad but maybe she can.

It was not a Covid19 death but it is affected by Covid. The world is closed and life isn’t normal. Normal life doesn’t stop just because of Covid.

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  1. John Williams says

    So sorry to hear of grandfathers death love to Gary and Family Robyn John n Brent Williams xx

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