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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 19

Well, we binged watched tv.

Afterlife season 2. Great. Depressing and cheerful. Great.

Soo many memes about people going to hug everyone as soon as they get out. Please don’t. You could be a carrier, unaware.

More memes about people showing up early to a party and not taking anyone for granted again. Also, don’t show up early unless asked to help.

A lockdown and a pandemic shouldn’t be the reason you realise people are important to you. So many people lost a little of my respect by posting those. If you can’t appreciate each day while you have it you are wasting your life.

I can understand people’s frustrations with the current situation. I can’t get home for my Pop’s funeral and even if I could I probably can’t go because numbers are limited. These times are frustrating but for this to be the only time you decide that people are worth caring about, kind of makes you terrible.

Maybe it is just because I grew up with so much death that I appreciate things. Triston is one of those live tomorrow kind of people, appreciates nothing. Not until it is too late. As it seems most people with some form of social media do as well.

Not for me. Each day is amazing. I can be a realist and if I only have today I am not going to take your shit if I don’t feel like it so I don’t have to be the eternal optimist or light in the room to be appreciating the day or time or people.

It is just a shame that others can’t see life for what it is. Shame they are too lazy or scared or whatever to live how they want.

Don’t survive today to live in some far off tomorrow when you are old and grey.

Enjoy today.

Also, it is Anzac day today. Our minute silence observed. Thank you for your sacrifice. Lest we forget.

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