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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 20

I realised that to animate I actually don’t need to be able to draw. I just need to trace digitally.

So, I used a website and had someone draw a little image for me. I asked for 4 and have one back already.

I have to file copies, one with many layers so I can alter it and one normal file with the image rendered to one layer.

I downloaded the animation software, on a free trial. My laptop couldn’t handle it so I didn’t really get a chance to use the free trial. Sad.

One day I will have that desktop computer to do it all one. Just need to wait for the stores to open up again.

I guess it gives the artist time to finish the other three pictures and I can watch more about animating and have a look at which one would suit my skill level best.

Some are very basic and easy and others can be used to make full on motion pictures.

With everything closed, I can’t attend a class on how to use these kinds of software so I may as well just learn from youtube videos.

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