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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 21

Yay, the final day of the third week of our initial four week circuit breaker lock down.

It hasn’t been too bad. Pop died, I am a bit sad and mopey at being stuck but it isn’t so bad to be stuck with Triston.

Today I went to the store in the morning. There was a huge process. All the entrances were closed, had to fill in a form to enter. Slight ordeal but no issue.

It was raining.

Also, it was the first time I left our building in over a week. A week ago I took the trash out but that is directly next to our front door so I did not go far.

A full week without leaving our building. It actually went pretty fast. I am kind of surprised we are at day 21 already. I am going to count them in two sets of 28. Initial 4 week lock down and then the 4 week extension.

Foreign worker infection numbers keep going up. MOH says none are in ICU, yet, so that is good. It could be very good actually as we may have accidentally moved to more of a herd immunity situation as the infection rates are apparently very high in the dorms.

I don’t think everyone in some dorms is being tested. The rate at which the tests was coming back positive they could basically assume the total result for the whole floor, block, dorm (I am not sure where the line is drawn) and move on.

Well, I read that was implied in an interview. Given that no one is extremely ill at the moment I hope everyone recovers quickly so that it will be ok.

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