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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 28

Yay, the official original end. Which has been moved. But the original 4 weeks will be completed tonight.

I don’t know that it was long, it certainly wasn’t long enough to get extra things done. I don’t know that it was short. My cousin is still testing positive for Covid in Japan. He was moved to a hotel about a week ago so that is good. Worrying if he would get to go home certainly didn’t make the time fly by.

On a good note, he has tested negative. For the first time. Last week, the subsequent test was positive again. The next test was negative. So he has had two negatives but he needs two negatives in a row before he can go home so we are hoping the test he had today is negative as that will be two in a row and then yay home.

Here’s to the last 28 days. We stayed safe, we stayed inside, we stayed healthy. Onwards for the next 28.

Condolences to all for those that didn’t make it through the period. Globally there were quite a few. For me, just one.

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