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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 3 & 4

They don’t need a post each.

Day 3 – Triston worked, I went to the store and got a few items.

Day 4 – Good Friday. Triston and I went to the store together and got a few items so I can make my own birthday cake.

We didn’t get much done. Life is basically normal for us. I work from home ordinarily and yeah, not much is happening on the travel front but I have odd levels of workload anyway. This is just a lull and I have those.

Triston probably works more hours now. It is so easy to do that when you work from home. So during the week, things are busy. The 25 minutes a day that Triston would usually spend getting to and from work are now spent working so he doesn’t even have extra time.

He is just at home more and in the way of Lola and my standard routing. We are all working it out though. It is nice to get to have lunch together every day. Only issue is we hardly ever have food in the house.

Anyway. Days 3 and 4. We wear our masks when leaving the house. We have only left for food. The streets are empty. There are people at the store but not many, not empty either though. Still more people than I would expect.

We did get rice today. We haven’t had any and it will come in handy as we are trying to leave the house only 3 times a week. So far we have failed but we have to slowly buy food to build up enough for lower shopping levels.

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