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Singapore ‘Circuit Breaker’ – day 8

Slowly Lola is teaching Triston that they now work together. He tends not to get it first thing in the morning but after a few hours of Lola howling for attention he remembers. Move her bed beside him and they will chill out and work all day. Sometimes she even monitors his progress.

She has also taken to trying to distract us from the news.

She demands play or cuddles.

Yes, it is coronavirus news in the background. She will only stop working with Triston to come and distract me if the news is on. Otherwise, she has abandoned me during the day now.

While Triston is home Lola is going to make the most of it. Who knows when he will be home again. So I am now just chopped liver, even though she is a cat, I don’t think she is a huge fan of chopped liver. She does still spend some time with me but she is certainly making the most of things as they are now.

I wonder if she would rather things go back to normal or if she is loving it. She seemed to be a little annoyed at the start but now. Now that Triston is being trained a little, she is much happer.

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