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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 11

A whole extra day has passed. Wow. Did 24 hours take less time all of a sudden?

The days are just rushing by.

I made cheesy white sauce today, again with just a wooden honey spoon and at the end a spatular. Proud of nothing being burned to the bottom. There were a few cheesy lumps because I added brie and it didn’t fully melt.

Cheese is expensive here but the brie was on sale.

I can’t believe we don’t have a whisk or a wooden spoon. I could have sworn we had at least a whisk here. Maybe we did and it broke and I forgot?

I added it to some fried potatoes and greens along with bratwurst for a really heavy lunch. For some reason learning German made me crave it, or it was just a coincidence but I feel it was an incepted craving from my German lessons.

Mmmm, fried potatoes. It was a really tasty lunch. Mostly because the bratwurst was super tasty.

Two and a half weeks left and days that are passing far too quickly. We can’t go for a walk outside together yet though. I am looking forward to the day that we can.

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