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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 16

Can you believe that there are 2.5 work days left this week and then a 3 day weekend. Again.

Another long weekend. I feel like it was just days ago that this final long weekend was weeks away but turns out, it was weeks ago we were discussing it.

It seemed such a long way off. It is mere days away. Friday evening will be here before we know it, likely before Triston showers again, and the long weekend will start.

Triston asked if I was excited, he keeps reminding me about it. But, so far, on the long weekends I don’t see him. He goes into a game playing cocoon and reemerges in time for work. Basically.

We have the rules for the end of the circuit breaker. Slow, wait, and lets see if cases stay low and then we can open up some more.

It seems it won’t be until phase two that we can go outside together again.

We got the press release for it last night:

This morning the info has been put onto a simple flyer.

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