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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 17

I have spoken about this before and I promised photos but I forgot to post photos after I went to the store last week. I haven’t been again since taking the photos. We really don’t go often.

All the entrances are sealed off, with signs letting you know where to go to get into the shopping center.

Only the food places and chemists are allowed to open but not all food places open.

We have to sign into the shopping centre.

There are QR codes to scan and fill out or your ID is scanned on entry. Note, in the photo above, the person in the blue (lighter blue) outfit is walking in through the line after quickly walking past showing his QR confirmation. He isn’t standing talking to the person who checks/helps, it just looks like it.

The mall is essentially blocked off except for the food areas. Escalators only work to take you to the food sections. Otherwise they have barriers across. Yes you can easily walk over, past the barriers but why?

Nothing is open and everything is under surveillance, plus you just signed in so everyone who is in the centre is recorded. If something happens they have a very short list of suspects.

Even though you literally just signed into the mall, you have to sign in again to enter the supermarket.

Again entrances and exits are blocked so you can only get in past the person confirming you have signed in.

You do need to sign out. Both from the shopping centre and the supermarket.

All this is done while having our tracetogether (covidsafe for those in Australia) app turned on, wearing mandatory masks and out on our own. If we come into contact with someone who tests positive, we really should find out rather quickly.

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