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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 20

How did we get here?

We are now at day 20 of the extension. We did 28 days in the original circuit breaker. 8 more days of the extension to go and then we enter phase one of the exit.

Phase one is a lot like we are now, a couple of things get to open that aren’t already open but most things will stay closed, workers will stay working from home and ideally we still won’t leave the house together or unnecessarily.

It is expected to last for at least four weeks. If the transmission rates increase then, it will last longer than 4 weeks. If they are fairly consistent (higher than right now but not exponential) then we can move to phase two.

For us that essentially makes it a third four week lock down. Just a few additional services will be more readily available.

We have been enjoying the time. It can be a bit boring or frustrating. It is difficult to get the groceries we need and also to carry everything on our own.

It would be much nicer to go for our long walks together than just sat on the couch or on the bed keeping busy but we are together, Lola is here, it certainly isn’t terrible. Quite enjoyable for us really but we are aware of our privilege and decent luck along with some planning and good management that we haven’t been affected as much as a lot of people we know.

The up’s far out weigh the downs. We feel so terribly for those who have been hit quite hard and natural disasters are not waiting for this all to end. I hope on the other side of this we can help some people rebuild their lives. Maybe by literally rebuilding but we don’t know yet.

For now, we will just continue to stay inside. Another 4 weeks doesn’t seem so difficult.

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