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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 23

Oh, I forgot.

On Sunday, we had a random delivery at about 9pm.

We had already eaten and hadn’t ordered anything except for some medicine for Lola which isn’t expected any time soon and not on a Sunday at 9pm for sure.

Our phone rang, which is essentially our buzzer and we just ignored it. I was already ready for bed so I wasn’t going to get up and Triston claims he doesn’t know how it works so he wouldn’t go and buzz the person in or talk.

Then, Triston’s phone rang. It was a delivery, for us. Not a random call to get into the building. Not a mistaken identity. Us.

It happened to be Hari Raya so we thought maybe someone was sending us something for that.

I think the timing was half coincidental but it was home made cake from one of the people Triston kind of mentored at work. Banana cake and sugar cookies. Both very nice.

Delivered by a delivery driver, it seemed so much effort for someone to go to but I had the banana cake for breakfast yesterday morning and Triston and I both had a cookie. Triston isn’t a big banana cake/bread fan. He claims not to like banana but he has it in his shakes so he does like it.

Anyway, that was a nice surprise. We have 2 cookies left. Rationing them.

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