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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 24

Ooooh, interesting. We got a new/updated announcement on how the phase one (end to the circuit breaker) is going to go down, and it is actually a lot more relaxed than previously indicated.

Triston and I can go outside together again. Woohoo. Walks here we come.

It could also end in June, if infections stay low. I think a line was missing from the update but I think the plan is still a minimum of four weeks. That does mean we could still be in June, I suspect it might be 5 weeks minimum though.

I like the line: As we have seen both locally and overseas, it takes only a single person acting irresponsibly to cause a cluster. 

We do have to wear masks outside of the house. That is fine with me, we get to go for walks again, have to be happy with that.

I am not prepared for this! So soon!

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