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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 26

Today we had Maccas for dinner. That’s McDonald’s/Mickey D’s for the non Aussies out there. I don’t know how American’s ended up with such a long nickname for it but the fact they fall over when they hear Aussies call it Maccas and they can’t work out where it is without being told blows my mind.

They had a coconut pie. I was excited. It did not disappoint.

Something I forget that Maccas even offers is the Filet-o-Fish. Even though one of my friends loves them.

Something that I am sure can be ordered anywhere the fish burger is offered but I have never seen on the menu before is the double Filet-o-fish.

Seems a bit extreme to me but it appears they are popular enough to be on menu boards all over Singapore.

Apple pie, custard pie, coconut pie. Singapore maccas has everything. Though custard and coconut are special promotions.

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