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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 27

I know a lot of countries started to exit their lockdowns before us. Most having gone into lockdown before Singapore but that doesn’t reduce my excitement about one day being able to go outside together and not worry, or dine in at a restaurant again. Mostly because I have been craving one place and it is a little far away, and burgers, so wouldn’t make for a good delivery meal option.

Different countries have different cases, situations, plans. I am not excited globally because I think some countries are exiting without really having hit the milestones to exit. They didn’t ramp up equipment or free up space in hospitals. Their cases haven’t really decreased. They have death ratios over 10% but still some countries forge ahead.

Singapore, I have heard Australian and UK/USA news reports having said Singapore lost the battle. It was a leader and then failed. It delayed the curve (which is what all countries were aiming for) but didn’t success in suppressing it. It was lauded as a poster child, on both sides of the argument.

I believe Singapore has done a great job. No where is perfect. Maybe a lock down and travel ban sooner would have been better but to date 31 or 32 people who have had covid19 died, apparently only 23 of those died from covid, the others died of something else but happened to have covid. Like the man who fell down the stairs, he died from the fall but he was a positive covid case.

Yeah, so, we got hit with a big wave of cases, we have tens of thousands infected. South Korea remains on the list of countries that “did it well” and they have something like 270 deaths and half or a third of the number of cases diagnosed.

Why then is the media still insisting on telling the tale that South Korea succeeded where Singapore failed.

Lockdown is ending, I am happy for it, though I have been happy enough with it. The world is trying to get back to some sense of normal. We still don’t actually know what we are facing. What the mortality rate is. How quickly it can spread on a bus, train, flight, in an eatery. So much is still unknown.

One thing I know is, we have done our best to be the most responsible members of society we can be. I am happy to be allowed to go for a walk with Triston on Tuesday. I will probably wake him up at 5am so we can avoid others. Just because we can go out doesn’t mean we all of a sudden stop caring about others. We will try and social distance while enjoying some things we have missed.

In Singapore, we will have to wear a mask when outside. We will probably wear them for months and months yet. I expect the official order will be that we have to do so. I feel we will likely do it until well after there is a vaccine and that it has been widely taken up. So that the risk is minimal.

Monday, tomorrow, is our last day of the circuit breaker. I am excited but we will avoid doing what everyone else is doing, when they are doing it.

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