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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 28

Day 28. Twenty EIGHT!


To celebrate.

Afternoon snack of doughnuts.

Indian for dinner.

Delivered from the Tekka Centre in Little India. Just because we are in lockdown, doesn’t mean I don’t love a bargain.

Yeah, it was all pretty tasty. And for a few dollars a dish, you really can’t go wrong. Half is left over for tomorrow.

Bad thing about left overs is tomorrow we can go to the shops together to get groceries and now we don’t need to.

We will go for a morning walk though, I think.

Meanwhile. Shortly after dinner, the building site behind us had some activity.

It looks like they have the approval to open up but they may have to house their staff onsite.

I guess they could be site offices but I thought they were already set up. We will find out in a few days I guess. Either people will be living there, or not.

Fairly decent sunset tonight as well.

Yay. 28th Day. Whoop whoop.

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