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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 7

Rainy day to round out our first week of the extension.

We are lucky that so far we have had 5 weeks of lock down but we have been on heightened alert in Singapore since January.

Yesterday, I called Mum for mothers day and I told her how this yard had vines growing on some piled metal.

This morning I took photos of the storm, it had just rolled past but more rolled in and we had some really heavy rain after I took the photo.

When I had a look today, I noticed something new on the metal stack. It took a couple of seconds and then I realised what was happening.

One of the two guys who are living on the work site also noticed the massive amount of vines growing on the metal pile.

I had a look down our wall, we are at the end of our building. I noticed we are one of the only apartments to have the second set of windows closed.

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