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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 8

If not for this daily update I would have no idea where we were in relation to the start or end of the lock down.

Taking it day by day actually really speeds it up.

Writing a blog about it makes me think what happened in the day.

Nothing, usually. Looking back on a day and realising you didn’t do anything or can’t remember anything makes it seem like it is flying past.

The 4 day weekend was super quick. Mostly because Triston played his video game, I learned German and Lola wanted to get back to work. It was just over in a flash.

You might think after a 3 day weekend the week before and all these days inside that a 4 day weekend would seem long and dull. It didn’t. What better time to piss the time away on indulgences than when you have no option for anything else.

I will make an effort to go outside more when we do go on holidays, I think. We will certainly start cancelling trips when we have a cold or a diagnosis that we are fine to travel but not feeling well. That is for sure.

I was sick in August for our trip to the USA and Europe. I had been to the Doctor and told I was fine to travel, I wouldn’t spread it to anyone but I had a tonne of medicine. Moving forward, I think the trip would just be scrapped. We had an amazing time and I wouldn’t give it up for anything but I was sick, I did have some kind of cold or flu and the doctor just happened to be confident it wasn’t something I could spread, so we went.

What if I was patient zero, not for Covid19 but whatever I had. I did spend most of the New York days sleeping. We did get business class from Hong Kong to New York but we also went to Queen the night after we arrived. So I didn’t see many people but was also in a massive stadium with a tonne of people.

Watching Great British Bake Off is dangerous. We made cookies. Just a small batch, I used this recipe:

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