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Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 9

Lola had an asthma attack today. Her asthma is mild, well because she is old it isn’t called asthma anymore but we still call it that.

Her preventer puffer is running low and we need a printer to print off the new script the vet gave us remotely.

We don’t have a printer. I will have to harass Triston to order one. I ordered something and forgot to put our unit number on it so I can’t be trusted with online orders.

We have a tonne of Ventolin. It helps her the same as it helps people during an attack. We would rather her not have the attack in the first place and Flixotide tends to keep it at bay. It is up to us to find the right balance in keeping her attacks away and also rationing it out.

It seems we didn’t hit the right balance so she had the attack. Either way, we still need the printer to print off the script. Our vet said under the circuit breaker home vets and clinics are only attending to emergencies as things are quite chaotic.

I wondered if they meant lots of people abandoning pets but I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to know, if the answer was yes I would be too upset.

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