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Singapore Covid19 testing

Today, Triston phoned and asked if he qualified for a covid test.

Yesterday, we didn’t go to Universal and we ended up staying inside the entire day. Triston started to feel he had a headache and he had not a runny nose, not a snotty nose but something not quite right.

They said he should go in and the Dr will decide if he should have the test but make sure on arrival he advises he is there for a covid test.

We have to wear masks to leave the house so he had to wear a mask as well.

I checked the times for the testing and because he worked through until 6pm today, he missed the ability to be tested.

We haven’t left the house since Saturday and we planned meals and only had food until today.

Now we have to be creative because we can’t go anywhere until he has the test and then until he has the results.

Slightly stressful because what do we do with the cat?

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