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Singapore – Day 10

Today, Sunday, isn’t very interesting. Part of my medication is a set of tablets that I need to take 3 times a day and those make you drowsy then in addition to that I have a night time tablet that also makes you drowsy. I would say I was sleeping for about 18 hours today.

We got up, had breakfast and when we left we put the make up our room light on. I have to avoid spicy food, dry food, fried food. I go to the Asian section of the buffet and get the curry. They aren’t the same as the other day but I don’t realise that. I had it a couple days ago and they were fantastic and not spicy. Today however they are full of chilli so I can’t eat it. Never mind, I am full now anyway.

They came to make up the room shortly after we got back from breakfast so we decided to go to the pool. The pool was busy so we sat in the shade near the pool. We waited, I guess, about 45 minutes and when we returned the room was done. I did not leave the room again all day.

Air-conditioning turned off. The room isn’t getting too hot. This is one of the hotels where they give you a bottom sheet and doona, no top sheet. We intend to ask for a top sheet but didn’t so to keep my chest and back warm I have to pull the doona on to me and stick my legs out so I don’t get too hot. The Dr also told me to wear a light jacket. Which I haven’t done because I haven’t left the room.

I am pretty sure TW is bored beyond belief but he doesn’t want to do anything without me so he watches tv, netflix and some movies. He went out at about 6pm and got us a kebab each for dinner. I went to bed after because I took my night time tablets which is two different drowsy tablets (plus 7 others) and there is no way I can fight off that kind of pull to sleep.

Thats it. What a riveting Sunday and end to a weekend. Probably the most boring second weekend anyone has ever had when they moved to Singapore but I survived it and I wasn’t sure I would make it that far earlier in the week. So good for us.

I only took the two photos today. No photo of dinner, I was pretty hungry by then and a kebab isn’t the most appealing thing to photograph.

Elf didn’t have a lot to do today so she just ate all the lollies. Silly giraffe.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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