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Singapore – Day 11

Woke up late. TW got ready for work and then we went for breakfast. I did eat but my stomach is full of phlegm so I didn’t have much. TW went to work directly from breakfast. Usually he doesn’t he eats then gets ready for work so that when he spills the syrup from his waffles on his clothes, they aren’t his work clothes. Today he skipped the waffles and syrup and just had fried eggs on toast with mushrooms. He did manage to drip egg yolk all down his hand, luckily didn’t get any on his clothes.

Half of my breakfast tablets

I take all the rest of my tablets when I get back to the room. Not long after the room is cleaned. I sit on the roof while I wait. They don’t take long to clean the room and I am not supposed to be in air conditioning so the roof is a great spot to wait as it has the views.

Yay I am getting through them

It is a bit muggy today, or maybe my fever is breaking so I am just sweaty and gross. Hard to say. I can hear jack hammers from a building site and the constant hum of air conditioners but the roof is quiet peaceful other than that.

I can see the rooftop garden of the shop house apartment I like

TW is at his second Monday of work. This week is going to be very busy for him. I am not sure if he is super excited by that, it kind of feels like we are on holiday and lots of meetings isn’t really something he expects on holidays. I am sure he will be fine and enjoy it. I wonder when he will realise we live here now and this is just our life.

Not a bad view of his office, I wonder if he sits near a window and I can wave.

Well I guess we don’t live in the hotel. We do for the moment but not forever so maybe once we find a unit it will sink in then. Or if we find somewhere that we both like and will allow our cat and we bring her over, maybe it will feel real then. Maybe it will always feel like a holiday or temporary. Just have to wait and see on that I guess.

Lots of green space in Singapore

I will be glad when I am no longer sick. It is so boring sleeping all day. I’m not technically on bed rest, the Dr said I can do stuff if I want to but I can’t stay awake with all these tablets so there isn’t much I can do. I tried to push past the drowsiness and just ended up dizzy and nauseous so it appears to be better just to sleep. I don’t need any additional illnesses.

TW got home after work with Subway for dinner. I took my night time tablets and was out, he watched some TV. I woke up and watched a little with him but that didn’t last long. He is also sick of my being sick now but he has some sniffles so I worry he is getting something too.

Today our Elf on a shelf was feeling a little worse for wear, probably too many lollies. Her buddies were on hand to help though and attempted to check for a fever. They are inanimate objects though so they had trouble manoeuvring the thermometer in to place only to realise after that couldn’t read it anyway. Oh well, they tried.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.


  1. I lived in a hotel for the first month when i got here, and it was horrible. I associate all the bad memories of my start to Singapore to that hotel, and since then i havenโ€™t really gone back to that area lol. Once you get into proper accommodation you will feel much better

    • Luckily for us the hotel is very nice and we like it here but we are both sick now which is not fun. I am not entitled to work just LTVP so I get very bored now being sick and stuck inside alone. It will change soon. What area did you decide to live in?

      • My partner was also on a LTVP and stayed on for around 3 months before she found a job. She found it really hard at the time to feel settled while being unemployed, but moving to our own place helped a little in that regard. We first moved to Novena, but are now in River Valley ๐Ÿ™‚

      • We are trying to work out where we would like to live. I like the Bugis area and Chinatown. There are nice apartments in Novena but when we went to look at the area – sidewalks were closed for construction and I didn’t like having to walk on the road to get between places. We haven’t moved many times in Australia so we don’t really know what we like. House hunting is difficult. We have stopped looking while I have been sick but we will need to start again soon.

      • Yeah novena is a bit of a concrete jungle and its noisy as hell depending on where you live. Maybe try do a 1 year lease first then you have some flexibility to move somewhere else. Alot of expats also like to live in the east around Joo Chiat and Marine Parade.

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