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Singapore – Day 12

Well, we didn’t go to the gym this morning either. Today should be the first day or my recovery, I think it is. I feel like I must be getting better now. The tablets mask all of the symptoms but I haven’t been coughing as much – although that was prescribed – so my cough muscles are finally no longer aching. Oh, the pain those muscles were in. They were torn to shreds. The only problem now is they have rebuilt themselves stronger so if I need to cough again I will be coughing the lung all the way out. Super strength coughing.

Minibar is nicely stocked but I have to avoid cold drinks. Warm milo is ok.

Anyway. Breakfast then TW gets ready for work and leaves. I fall back to sleep before I take my tablets because I decided today to eat before filling up on the tablets. I am at the end of a lot of them so I only had 2 rounds for today. It ended up as lunch and dinner rather than breakfast and lunch for the tablet taking but they aren’t antibiotics, just pain killers and symptom maskers so no big deal to miss a round. 

My head is blocking up but I am now starting to empty out my lungs of all the gunk. Which is good. Nothing happened today. I suggested eating out but TW had work to do so he brought dinner home with him and then finished off his work. 

I had left overs for lunch, TW ate out. He got me chicken and himself steak and chips for dinner. Wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow will be better. I just know it. We need to go house hunting, I need to go outside. I am sick of being sick. 

The windows in the hotel do not open, there is no fan, so it is also a bit annoying not being allowed in air conditioning. I think it helps narrow the houses down though, ones with ceiling fans and/or opening windows are probably going to need to be high on our list because I don’t want to keep getting sick from air conditioning. 

TW is starting to get sick. He thinks. I hope it is not what I had. He is saying it is from sleeping with the air con turned off, I would say it is more likely from working in high air con office or most likely is because our immune systems are not used to the common bugs here and something we could usually fight off is a bit harder to do so here.

We did find an interesting apartment online. It has a private pool. Penthouse apartment with its own small pool. They didn’t have a floor plan listed but lots of photos. Can we see ourselves living there, probably. It isn’t that close to anything except for the airbase though and TW has already ruled that area out because he doesn’t want the noise of the jets – I don’t mind the jets. I think they are cool and they are pretty low when they go over because they are only moments from landing or have just taken off. So, you know, pretty cool.

Oh, one good thing did happen today. We got our Singapore ID’s. Well TW got his work pass visa thing and I got my visitors pass. They look like NSW drivers licences. That’s basically all that happened. Yay, it is official we are allowed to live in Singapore for an extended period of time. Now to just find a place to live during that time.

Our official documents to allow a long term stay (for me) and work for TW

Giraffe elf on a shelf hung out with friends because she had recovered from yesterdays illness and it is Christmas time. Great time to be with friends and family.

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