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Singapore – Day 13

Another day that didn’t start with the gym. TW feels like he might be about to get sick but isn’t properly sick, yet. I am now at the stage where any time I cough, even a slight little almost cough, I receive a lovely gift from my lungs which I try to dispose of in the sink but sometimes I choke while coughing and it doesn’t quite make it all the way out. My stomach is full and it does make me feel sick but at least it is clearing my lungs out.

I couldn’t take another day without going outside. I went to Bugis Junction and thought about getting a local phone, but didn’t. I went to Burger King for lunch instead. Yeah, wasn’t great. Pretty standard service for Burger King/Hungry Jacks and the pre-made food was only slightly warm.

When TW got home we went out for dinner. We walked around the area and I pointed out some places for rent and we discussed if it was too close to work or not. Neither of us knew what we felt like for dinner, until I declared that I knew – I wanted Mexican. I felt like something fresh and vibrant.

The air conditioning was too high at the Mexican so we decided to look for somewhere else and walked around Arab Street only to eventually return to the Three Amigos. We sat somewhere else so that we could be away from the harsh air con.

Tacos for me and some weird thing I had never heard of for TW which was basically just small soft fajitas. Mine wasn’t very fresh but they were tasty. I ate 2 and TW finished mine off. He enjoyed his and mine. That was today. It was a decent day.

Our elf on a shelf encouraged me to go outside today with her minions. She had cabin fever and so did I. It was nice that we were on the same page today.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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