Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – Day 14

Wow, how did we get here already. Tonight will be the third Thursday night, tomorrow the third Friday. How have we been here this long? I have been sick for a week so I don’t really remember much of the last week but still the first week went incredibly fast and now we are approaching the third weekend here still without an idea of where we went to live because I was sick and we didn’t have time to explore and now TW is possibly getting sick.

He hasn’t gotten sick yet so he might just have the almost sick sickness that you get from too much air conditioning. We turn the room air con off but everything else is really heavily air conditioned with the hot humid weather everywhere between. It does lead to a state of almost sick. Hopefully that is all it is anyway because what I had was quite terrible.

Breakfast + work for TW and breakfast + try not to cough too much for me.

The check in area Christmas tree went up a few days ago but I kept forgetting to take a photo

TW had Pad Thai for lunch, a $5 pad thai. I went out, took money out of the atm because most places I would want to eat at are cash only. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to I just had an apple from the room.

$5 pad thai. Looks good.

TW had an offsite meeting in an area that he thinks was directly north of the hotel/office and it took forever to get a cab home from there. He didn’t like the area and it has ruled it out as a potential place to live, not that we had expended the search to include it but we wont now for sure.

Dinner, doesn’t look great but is tasty. So tasty that we are both almost finished before we think to take a photo of it.

Dinner was a chicken curry and rice from Lets Eat. Like the one had that first Friday only it was from the Lets Eat in the Duo complex and we ate in the room.

Now, we haven’t been out and looking but we have worked out from the online search that there aren’t actually many options for a place to live. There are about 4 buildings  that fit in to the size, budget and area. So we don’t really have much choice, we just have to try and pick the best one for us from what is available at those.

Today elf on a shelf was begging for a bath. No bath.

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