Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – Day 15

Friday, the start of our 3rd week here. Hm, we better get on to this whole housing situation or we will run out of time.

TW has his work phone now. Woo.

Breakfast, no gym. We need to get back to that routine to make it a routine. Both of us are now kinda sick though.

I took money out yesterday so lunch time I went to find something to eat and gave up so came back to the room and ordered room service. I was not in the mood for another apple. So I had massaman beef, delivered to the room in a tiffin. It arrived fast and was really hot still.

The room got made up after I had lunch, the mini bar got refreshed after that. It was quite late in the day. One person knocked to do the minibar and then shortly after another, I let them know it had just been done but in they came, they had seen what we needed and got exactly that. So they were super confused when they opened the draw and it was full. They made everything fit. The second person was the right person though. Right at the start we wrote a note with the mini bar and the items we didn’t like which, we haven’t had since. This guy was giving us our tailored minibar but he was trying to fit it in between the generic refill, so the first person was just doing the rounds and had noticed we were not marked off for the day but the second guy knew our order. I hope we don’t get charged for one lot of refill. Oh well, we can work it out later.

TW had some volunteer work to do today. He was pretty impressed with how much money was raised and then how far it stretched. They bought gifts for the low paid itinerate workers but they didn’t waste any of that money on wrapping paper – they used newspaper – so that the money bought more stuff for more people rather than it looked good.

When TW got home, he went and got dinner. A $5 chicken rice meal for him from lets eat and a baguette from the French shop for me. It was pretty good. Really expensive but filling. 

Today, elf on a shelf decided to help with lunch.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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