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Singapore – Day 16

Saturday, weekend. Yay.

Wake up late, have breakfast.

We decide to walk down to one of the unit blocks on our list. The Bencoolen. I can see it from our window, I first saw it from the roof. We walk down, it is opposite a construction site. The building is being pulled down. That work will be ongoing for months yet and then a new building will go up. Given leases here are 2 years we don’t want to sign up for a building next to a construction site for the entire lease period.

It is probably going to be ruled out based on the noise on a Saturday. We walk over to get a better look anyway. The building has markets out the front and it appears to have a wet market inside. The smell. Oh gosh. We enter but the smell of fish smacks me in the face and I feel like vomiting so I make a quick departure. My nose is a bit blocked but that smell got through. Ugh. Definitely ruled out now, we can’t live somewhere that makes me want to vomit every time I breathe in. TW can’t smell it at all.

We have a bit of a walk around as there are a few buildings in this area on our list and we can cross those off as well. The day itself is a nice temperature and the humidity is pretty low so the walk is pleasant enough. We get the MRT to Marina Bay. The MRT station Marina Bay – not the one we need for Gardens by the Bay. I was pretty sure it wasn’t but TW wanted to go to the end of the line, so we did. We walk back, no big deal.

By this stage I am all hot and feeling sick so we go in to the casino to cool down and sit. The easiest place to find a seat is at the pokies so we go inside. Sit down at a machine each and play, and both set off the feature and win. Our trip to Gardens by the Bay could be starting now but we are both very tired. Being not fully sick is exhausting.

We head back. Spend about an hour walking around Bugis Junction trying to decide what to have for lunch. Have lunch, then, go back to the room. In all fairness, lunch was pretty good. I had pork ribs with chips and broccoli – the broccoli was cold so I won’t get it again but the meal was good. TW had seat and chips with calamari and mushroom sauce.

What a thrilling day. One of the Avengers movies is on. TW asks if we can watch it, I don’t see why not. I find it generally boring and can’t stay awake. TW watches it all and enjoys it. He has seen it before.

my curry puff, which I had half eaten

We did go out for dinner, walking towards Arab street but it was about to rain so then we thought maybe Pizza Express. $30 for a pizza, mmm, no. Back to Bugis we go. Eventually I decided on a curry puff and a chicken sausage roll. TW got some fresh made noodles.

fresh noodles

My sausage roll turned out to be very literal. It was a cooked chicken sausage inside a pastry “roll”.

my sausage in an oversized pastry shell

The elf on a shelf decided that if we were going to the casino, it was time to party here also.

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