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Singapore – Day 17

Up earlier this morning we had breakfast and then a nap lol. We are kind of sick so that’s our excuse. Nom nom breakfast.

TW had two savoury breakfasts. Toast and vegemite and then an omelette with potato gems, bacon and pork sausage.

I had soup and then a waffle. Today I had the thin noodles in my soup and I liked that, tomorrow I will have it without the noodles if they have the broth as an option. I am sick and someone is making me chicken soup, makes me happy. 

We got the MRT to Pasir Ris. The green MRT is above ground a lot of the way so it was a nice sightseeing tour. We went to look as the area near the airport (well actually the airport and the air base) is quite affordable but Pasir Ris has a number of Condos that say they are ocean view and beach adjacent. I am not sure any claim to be beachside but they definitely try to play on the water and sand. It is home to Singapore’s version of wet and wild theme park though – called Wild Wild Wet (@ Downton East).

Tampines was probably a more interesting area to us than Pasir Ris but I don’t think I would really be too keen to live in either. If TW ends up travelling a huge amount and is at the airport or in another country multiple days a week it could make sense to live nearer the airport. It could happen, he is in Bangkok from Monday to Thursday night this coming week.  I don’t think the area is very us in any case.

We had a look around the Tampine shopping centre and I got myself lunch. A kebab. I didn’t order it quite right, well she heard me wrong but confirmed what she heard and I couldn’t hear her so I said – yes that is right no cabbage. I got tomato, extra cucumber and no onion though I had asked for lettuce, tomato, onion – our standard – and I asked for cheese as an extra so I got cheese as well. I am not a fan of cucumber at the best of times but this was surprisingly ok, the kebab was quite nice given it isn’t what I wanted, topping wise. TW wasn’t hungry but he did get himself some cold and flu tablets to take to Thailand.

We took the downtown line to get back but rather than ride it around the whole downtown area to Bugis we got off at Bencoolen and walked back. Probably should have gotten off at the stop before but they looked to be a similar distance and we knew the way from Bencoolen as we had walked it yesterday. Not that it is difficult you can usually see the Duo building if you are facing the right direction. Just to confirm, not moving to Bencoolen, even walking past the outside I could smell the fishy odour. It is out. Search for a place to live is suitably narrowed. TW stopped in at the “Lets eat” to get lunch before coming up to the room, he had a laksa and said it was really good. We both had a good lunch. Woo. But we are both feeling hot and tired and sick.

Yay, back in time for the great British Bake Off, lol. Actually, we did watch it but the best thing that happened after we got back was booking tickets to our first concert in Singapore. Ed Sheeran lol. There were only 20 tickets left and standing room only but it should be good. It is much easier to get to the stadium here in Singapore than in Sydney. Not sure how the prices compare but I feel like it was a lot cheaper here than his show was in Sydney as well so lets call that a win on two fronts. It isn’t until April but should be good.

Oh we are also home in time for Bad Mom Christmas. Yay. Good day.

Our elf on a shelf, and friends, decided to survey their new lands today.

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