Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – Day 21

Alone again today, yes I woke up late. Breakfast late. The hotel is quite busy and I just don’t know if it is because it is closer to Christmas and so now getting busier or if people just don’t go to breakfast at 7am and it has been this busy all along. It was very busy last week and the one before but there were big conferences on so breakfast was busy while we were eating because everyone had to get to work. It appears to be more holiday makers and families now, so people that would have always been eating a little later. Hmm. The hotel is busy though. regardless of if it was busy before or not.

Christmas shopping. The stores don’t really open until 10am or 10:30am so I had to wander and think while waiting. Stores didn’t have what I needed, sold out, not in stock, not sold here. Sigh. Back to the drawing board I guess.

So then I start getting photos from TW about his work lunch. His meeting today is at 4 and then he will be coming home to Singapore. Yay.

A constant barrage of photos of how good his work lunch is. These are shared starters for the three of them. That wasn’t just his portion of sashimi, though I don’t doubt he could have enjoyed it all given the chance.

Nom nom, dumpings, not dried. How could I have thought my dumplings were wontons. Ha. Silly me. They were so clearly dumplings. His actual meal was the salmon below.

And then he let me know it was “time for pud”. Too much Great British Bake Off for him on BBC lifestyle in the hotel.

I don’t even know if they managed to make the meeting, they were too busy eating. It isn’t really fair that he gets to have all the fun when he is at work so I went and got some treats when I got my dinner.

Burrito for dinner and some heavily decorated cream puffs as a treat. I got three caramel flavours. One coffee for TW, a coconut cream cheese and a meringue apple flavour. They all have a custard filling. I don’t like profiteroles because I don’t like choux pastry. Anything made with choux pastry is bleh but these are not choux they are some distant relative that might once have been a choux but isn’t any more. Nom nom nom. I will wait for TW to get back to eat them. They are a welcome home gift. I might have one while I wait though. … just one… at the very least the coffee one will be here when he arrives back tonight, well he will be back about 1am tomorrow morning. Coffee will be here. I don’t like the taste of coffee at all, that’s why I got it. It makes it just for him.

I have organised an 11am viewing of a unit that we have already seen but I didn’t look at it properly because the tenant wasn’t expecting us and had just gotten out of the shower. It is close to everything and cheap enough. I should look again. TW liked it. I didn’t really. I will be home most of the time. Cat is allowed. I would rather pay less and be where i want and have my cat and travel on weekends than pay more and be somewhere modern but inconvenient and in a location I don’t like.

Oh Elf on a shelf, you found a great spot in Bangkok but you have to come home tonight.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.

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