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Singapore – Day 22

We have been here 3 full weeks now. This is the start of the 4th. Now it is getting a little stressful. There are public holidays and weekends. TW hasn’t been paid yet either so signing and paying for a lease is difficult until he has been paid but we need to pick a place before we can sign a lease anyway.

Interestingly we haven’t been in the hotel pool yet either so I think a pool isn’t required but if we can get one with a gym that would be easier. We do want to get fit and healthy.

TW got home at 1:50am. He didn’t have the treats. I didn’t have breakfast but he did then we went to see the apartment again. The bedroom is massive. The apartment is decent sized. The bedroom probably doesn’t need to be as big as it is but it is nice to have a lot of space in there. We look at the loft one again. It is about $1000 a month more in price and it is like one big room. The ceilings are ridiculously high though so it feels a lot bigger. I don’t mind the smaller one today. TW says he doesn’t really consider it the smaller one because its still over 75sqm for a one bedroom apartment. Our two bedroom, two bathroom – with a third toilet – apartment that feels big in Sydney is only 88sqm. The loft is about 100sqm though so it is bigger. He says the loft is all one room so it might be bigger but it feels smaller because it is like a giant studio and you can’t escape noise in a studio.

We looked at the apartment and then the loft again. Hmmm. Discussion. Laundry needs doing so lets discuss while we get that done. Negotiation time. Hahaha who are we kidding, we don’t know how to negotiate!

The laundromat is in a HDB complex so we had a look around. There were a tonne of shops and a massive food court. Lots of different kinds of food and then we found this little gem. Connie is a friend from Scotland that came to our wedding in India before we had ever met her. A decent few of my friends think C’s story of coming to our wedding is one of the best wedding stories ever. I will post about it when I get to our wedding blog. So CH this photo is for you, reminders of you in Singapore. It is a beer shop and I feel AH would be happy if that was your business lol.

TW says to me something about a coffee smell. There is another smell they he tells me about while we are walking along and then all of a sudden he realises that he can smell again. He has a story about how he had a big solid mass come out when he blew his nose. It might have been a piece of ham he jokes. I ask if he ever choked on a ham sandwich and he says no, then … maybe. Hmm. There is a possibility that there was something in his nose stopping him from smelling or it could be something else but at any rate the time for his smell to return probably isn’t when he is hanging out in the durian/jack fruit stand. Which is exactly what happened.

There are some kids play areas dotted around the estate and as we have decided we best not stand next to the jack fruit any longer we wander some more. I was going to take photos to send friends at home, I have been telling them how family friendly it is here and then we stumbled across these gems.

At first I thought they were just another set of kids play equipment but I slowly realised they were body weight exercise machines. Set up to withstand the elements.

There was a bit of a storm while we were doing laundry and one one of our wanders around the wind picked up slightly. Slightly. Not strong or gusty or anything. Just a slight breeze came through. This breeze was strong enough however, to knock a palm frond off the tree and as TW and I were walking past on the covered side walk another man took the side lane that was directly under the tree and this massive seated frond fell. Missing him by the narrowest of margins. TW jumped and went on about how he almost died while we all looked at the guy who actually almost got his. He was a little shaken I think. A little annoyed that TW was claiming his survivor story as his own but we all survived the ordeal and lived to tell the tale. It would have been quite damaging if it hit him. Poor fellow.

When we got back to our room we found the minibar so completely stocked. I think we hadn’t really had any the day before. I forget now. But us not having any didn’t stop them putting our daily allowance in there. 2 of each of the alcoholic drinks, 2 of each kind of water, 6 cokes, 7 milos, 2 juices. It was so full it was funny but it is also an example of how kind the staff are. These items are complimentary to a certain level each day and the staff will move hell and high water to make sure you get it.

This was a work day for TW and I have some work things to do as well, mine is mostly freaking out trying to get in touch with people. Work days tend to be breakfast, generic nothingness and then dinner so they can be a bit boring to write and read about. So we skip to after dinner when I say we need to get out and see some stuff. I am feeling a bit better plus all of a sudden I think it is Saturday night. TW is working Monday so I feel we need to make the most of the weekend.

We head down tot he MRT and take which ever train comes first. We will either go to the Gardens by the bay Christmas lights or the Orchard road Christmas lights. The MRT towards Newton came first so we went to Orchard road. We had to change at Newton to the red line but it was only 1 stop after the change.

So as we are walking along TW can see Sven from Frozen and then all of a sudden he just starts playing on his phone, I ask him if he has annoyingly started playing Pokemon Go. No, he insists he doesn’t play it any more. Not long after he starts saying he can see *random character name*. I look at him, like, what the hell. Then I laugh and say he’s been looking up the names of the characters online.

I did cross the road and stand in the middle of the street to take some photos. It is a bit hard with just the phone and the time pressure of the crosswalk countdown. Also if you are on the wrong crossing the lights are kind of far from where you are standing.

Being so close to Christmas and the Friday night beforehand, it was very busy. I assume this is a busy area anyway but I mean foot traffic was immense. There were tonnes of approved musicians and entertainers out on the street. It was really very Christmassy.

It was a mix of Disney and Christmas and people were lined up waiting for photos at the different photo stops.

I was taking a photo of the tree above and some stood in front of me, almost knocking me over to do so to take their photo. So I have a nice close up of the tree to block them out.

Music plays from the different areas as well. So they had Frozen, Toy Story and Mickey and Friends themes. Different stores had their own Christmas displays as well so some was Disney and some was just Christmas and others were a few extra lights but generally what they look like all year round. Ion has a lot of advertising on the building all year round but they had a lot of Christmas out front as well.

This has to be one of the best places for free Christmas cheer. There were a lot of photo stops. A lot. Then there were paid activities as well. This is the place to be if you have kids, or not. They had a 2 storey carousel, which I kind of wanted a go on but didn’t want to line up. A train and a few other rides like the swinging pirate ship.

I mean it’s no Disneyland but still it is pretty cool to have a mini carnival just set up in the middle of the installation.

Cute little train. Everyone wanted to stand in front of me though. TW walked in front of me and then kept running back and forth, mocking me because everyone else did it. I still managed to get what I wanted. I just had to edit him, and everyone else that has ever been to Singapore, out of the video – because they were all in there, lol.

We walked all the way home. It was a nice walk, not too far. Some streets were busy and we got a closer look at some of the suburbs and Condo buildings to see if we would want to live in those areas on the way. When we got to the Rendezvous hotel the sky looked so pretty. I tried to get a photo of it. There was light cloud cover reflecting a nice soft blue pattern across the deeply black sky. The photo doesn’t quiet capture it but if you look close you can see the clouds.

Our little elf had a big trip to Bangkok and really enjoyed the bath and culture there but she was happy to be home and just chilled out today.

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